Chris BushNov 11, 2018
Ben is the definition of professional, and a patient educator that is very knowledgeable about the cryptocurrency space. I plan to continue taking advantage of his knowledge by utilizing his services again in the future. I am a new entrepreneur in the world of blockchain, and Ben gave me such valuable information to be successful. Looking…
Ross MacdonaldNov 22, 2018
Our company has worked with Ben and watched him grow the blockchain community around him in an extremely professional way. Ben has influenced so many people providing reliable education and has an incredibly focused insight on the industry. Having a consultation with Ben is money well spent for personal education. I highly reccomend Ben for…
Tracy ThomsonNov 19, 2018
Ben is a very knowledgeable guy with a sincere passion about what he does. He presents and explains in a way that is very easy to understand.
Graham WardleNov 19, 2018
I loved being able to ask rapid fire questions and move quickly. I am grateful for Ben’s flexibility to speak longer than we originally had scheduled. I learned so much in such a short amount of time! Thanks Ben!
David HardmanNov 16, 2018
I was once a harsh crypto critic but Benny tirelessly answered all of my questions and helped me back up my hodlings. Definitely a reliable guy, and the Wayne Gretzky of Crypto in Alberta. That’s for damn sure.
Michele TaylorNov 1, 2018
Excellent resource - check it out! Beginners and beyond- great personality and excellent speaker!
Guillaume PaquetNov 1, 2018
Great dude, love him
MuchBitcoin DOT orgOct 31, 2018
Benny has been a part of the Bitcoin space for some time now. He is well versed and knowledgeable so you can expect accurate insight. Excellent communication, a positive vibe and evidently, very creative as displayed in his many YouTube videos.
Crypto DeityOct 31, 2018
This is awesome, you are Always delivering amazing #Crypto Content! So happy to Finally have had the pleasure to meet with you at the BTC Convention recently. We have been watching and staying up to date with all your videos on YouTube for sometime now. Keep up the great work with all the latest Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurreny news!!
Francisco PiñeiroOct 31, 2018
Great content!
ColdLar WalletOct 31, 2018
Benny is a friendly and cool expert on block chain education. He helped us a lot and we learned much under his kindness.
Kamil KOct 31, 2018
Amazing guy all around! Great speaker, instructor, and a great person in general. Would definitely refer and recommend him for any crypto related events and discussions. He always has something interesting to say.
Kadhir Velavan RamasubramanianOct 31, 2018
Very honest and authentic Bitcoin and crypto reviewer. His teachings are simple to understand.
JayCee BothaOct 31, 2018
What I enjoy most of ₿itcoin ₿enny’s educational videos is how each one educates and speaks to both newbie and expert. The level of details in his honest product reviews and explanations are awesome and I often return to the same videos for a quick trustworthy reference because I know he made great effort to cover everything you need to…
Brian LockhartOct 31, 2018
Benny has a knack for explaining complex technical topics in ways that are totally accessible to the newcomer. He's a great "explainer" and everyone who learns from him comes away with far more understanding than they would gain from most anyone else.
Jason MeyerOct 31, 2018
BTC Sessions does an excellent job of keeping me “in the know” in a rapidly changing environment. HODL that Bitcoin!
hany ghalyOct 31, 2018
One of the best bitcoin guys, love his contents and his adorable daughter
Vincenzo ManyardiOct 31, 2018
Dedicated to adoption and wallet use. A helpful hand to anyone starting out.
world valeurOct 31, 2018
Among my top 3 educators on crypto-currencies, including great wallet-reviews. I always check back in to his older videos when I am in doubt.
Steven IovanOct 31, 2018
Hes a fantastic instructor!!! He has come to a few different events of mine and examined the details of crypto. Love learning from him.
Emily AllanOct 31, 2018
Ben is super intelligent, has a great attitude and contagious energy!
Andrea SOct 31, 2018
One of the best educational site and YouTube channel on Bitcoins and crypto currencies world. Videos are simple but educative for all the level of expertise. New contents are released very often. The introduction of each video shows nice places and events, usually about Calgary, Canada.
Carlos Velarde JrOct 31, 2018
Great resource for entry level people looking to educate themselves in crypto. Extremely friendly, personable, and in tune with overall crypto ecosystem. 👍
Shawn HebertOct 31, 2018
One of the best sources for crypto education. Fun and insightful.
Lisa PerrinOct 31, 2018
The material provided here is incredibly informative, and has helped me understand Bitcoin/Blockchain so much more than I originally did!
Mike OlthoffOct 31, 2018
One of the best places to get the basics and in depth details of cryptocurrencies!